Inspiration – Redhead1982

One of my earliest inspirations was Redhead1982, namely her gorgeous dark green townhouse, the luxurious modular townhouse and the unique yellow-tan house.

This dark green townhouse, which was partly the inspiration for my own Tan Townhouse, continues to be one of my favourites.


Redhead-DarkGreenTownhouse-DeckIn addition to the great facade, I love the colour combination and the little planter boxes framing the entrance.

There’s some great parts usage here, such as the flower for the table and the 1×4 bricks with the grooves on the facade.

You can almost feel how relaxed the minifigure is sitting on the back deck!

Similarly, the minifigures who call the modular townhouse below their home should consider themselves very lucky indeed, living in such luxury!


Make sure you check out the stunning interior, especially the curtains and the shower, on Redhead’s flickr photo stream.

The yellow-tan house by Redhead also caught my attention because of its unique shape and colour.


Thank you, Redhead, for the inspiration!


1 thought on “Inspiration – Redhead1982

  1. Kristel, thank you for such an nice post. I’m really honoured you consider my modular houses as an inspiration for your amazing modulars. I follow your blog for a while now, and was surprised to see my ”name” here. I’m looking forward seeing more of your wonderful modulars here.

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