Inspiration – SonicStarlight

If you’re following this blog, you’ve probably already come across SonicStarlight’s Empire Theatre and Galaxy Diner.  So, it should be no surprise that his work was one of my earliest sources of inspiration, not just for the building facades but also for the stunning interiors that he incorporates into his buildings.

Because it never hurts to have more of a good thing, here’s another shot of the Empire Theatre and Galaxy Diner


There’s also a mini version of this MOC here.

While the Empire Theatre is probably the better known of SonicStarlight’s MOCs, his other earlier modulars also caught my eye.  In particular, the Modular Market Village and the Cast Iron Florist.



The Cast Iron Florist has had a makeover recently.

SonicStarlight seems to have been a little quiet lately, but I hope he continues continues to be an inspiration for myself and other builders.  See his flickr photostream to see for yourself why this is the case.


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