Going Dutch

Man with a Hat has created a stunning Amsterdam-style building with a shop downstairs and a fully furnished apartment upstairs.  I love the facade on this building, both in terms of the features and the colour combination.


There are some really nice details here, like the way the planter boxes are hanging from the plates with rails and the black bars holding up the awning.  Very clever!


I also like the rear of this building, with the realistic downpipes adding a load of character and great use of the fence pieces!


The fully furnished interior is just as stunning as the outside.  Check out the Brickshelf gallery for more images.


4 thoughts on “Going Dutch

    • Thanks Foolish Lego!

      alois is one of my favourite builders, and that building you’ve linked to is one of his best. However, I intend to focus on blogging new buildings, bringing up older buildings only when doing my “inspiration” posts.

    • Hi Kasper! This is not one of my designs, so you will need to follow up with Man in a Hat directly. The links above are to his BrickShelf folder, which makes it a bit hard to contact, but I believe he is active on Eurobricks.

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