Antique Store and Apartment

I could list all the fantastic details and clever parts usage in the fully furnished Antique Store and Studio Apartment by Super*Junk (Melissa), but then I would be here until Christmas.  So, I’m just going to point out a few of my favourite details: the use of the wheels (?) at the corner between the floors, the seat in front of the shop window, the use of the legs for window trims, the SNOT work above the shop windows and how the roof line is done. An interesting aspect of this building is the use of technic beams to reverse the direction of the build, enabling that awesome trim between the two floors.  Very clever! The interior of this building is just as stunning as the outside. Head over to Super*Junk’s blog or Flickr to see more of this gorgeous building.  Make sure you check out her the MOCs and see for yourself why she is quickly climbing up the ranks as a favourite builder.


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