Sneak preview

I am currently practising the ancient art of procrastination.  In just over a week I will be making my way to the airport to jump on a plane headed for Chicago for Brickworld 2015.  This means that I really should be packing up my two layouts.  Instead, I am finding any excuse to avoid it.  The reason is simple – once it’s packed, that’s it. No last minute finishing touches.

Here is one of the things I have been doing instead of packing – it’s a micro scale version of one of the layouts for BrickWorld, The Promenade.

The Promenade includes a mix of old, remodelled and new buildings and I can’t wait to show them to you!

The other layout I am involved in the EuroBricks one, which has taken me a little way out of my comfort zone.  No sneak previews of this one, but I am bringing a little starfighter!


4 thoughts on “Sneak preview

  1. Have a great time at BrickWorld, and a safe travel there and back again. I’m a bit envy, as I won’t be able to travel to this big events for a couple of years now. And I’d love to experience the atmosphere and see your layout. There’s no doubt your promenade will be amazing.

    • Thanks Redhead! I’m really looking forward to it.

      Time goes quicker once you have a kid, so hopefully it’ll be no time before you’re attending the shows again.

  2. This is just a guess but,
    From left to right
    Sand blue townhouse, trilogy, sugar and spice, blooming blossoms, Psychiatrist office, idk lion heart hotel maybe, and black velvet.
    But that’s just a guess.

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