Cheesy Goodness

You can’t go past Palixa and the Bricks‘ latest modular building, the Cheese Shop and Bistro, to get your fill of cheesy goodness.  It is a fully furnished, three story (+ roof) modular building featuring a cheese shop, cheese making facility and one bedroom apartment.


I love the interior of this modular building, especially the back counter, the mezzanine level above the shop counter and the furnishings in the apartment.  The lounge chairs are just exquisite!

See all the cheesy goodness on Flickr.  Thanks Palixa and the Bricks for the inspiration!

5 thoughts on “Cheesy Goodness

  1. Thanks for featuring this modular. My personal favorite is the technique used for the walls. I’m not a fan of the hinged open in the back so I’ve kept mine as the generic top-open access. Now I’ll utilize this new way and probably mod the stock modulars to incorporate it.

    I’ve never been to Holland but I now want to create my own version for my generic modular layout In hopes it’ll spice things up a little.

    Thanks again!

  2. Cheese shops are all the rage now here in Amsterdam, to satisfy the exponentially growing number of tourists. Other popular shops are ice cream parlors (last year 2 to 3 stores were opened weekly,) and very un-Dutch Waffle / Nutella shops.

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