Instructions though Rebrickable

Rebrickable recently announced that it had merged with MOCPlans, and it is now possible to buy and sell instructions for MOCs directly through Rebrickable.  This option overcomes a number of the reasons I stopped selling instructions (mainly time, and nothing at all to do with Lepin), so I thought I’d give it a go.

At this stage, there are instructions available for just four of my MOCs:

However, I’ll be uploading more over the next little while.  I’ll update this page as they become available.

7 thoughts on “Instructions though Rebrickable

  1. Oh I’m so pleased! I bought your winter cafe instructions last year and bricklinked it slowly. I have really enjoyed this – my first bricklink project – and the cafe will be making its debut into my winter village very shortly. Now that I know you are selling again I will keep my eye out for the sand blue townhouse modular…

  2. I am very happy to see your return Kristel! I had built the Psychiatrist’s Office and the Lions Heart Hotel then you took your break. So glad to see you back and will looks forward to seeing your plans once again. Probably do the Sugar and Spice or the Triology Bar when you release those. Anyway, glad the wait is over!!

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