Black Velvet

The Black Velvet is a 3-storey New York-inspired building, named after the Black Velvet Cafe on the ground floor.

Black Velvet - Front

A close-up of the Black Velvet Cafe, highlighting the detail above the windows.

Black Velvet Cafe

There’s a little courtyard out the back for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while they enjoy their coffee.

Black Velvet - Dumpster

I’ve tried many times to put together a decent dumpster, but they never turned out quite right and haven’t made it into an MOC yet.  This one, however, I’m quite proud of and think it turned out quite well.

The intention with the interior of the cafe was for it to be very modern, but at the same cozy.


There is an accounting firm located above the cafe, which is accessed by the door to the right of the cafe.  The reception and meeting room, with a large boardroom-sized table, is located on the ground floor.

Black Velvet - Reception Area

The offices for the accountants are located on the upper floor.  Why is it that the boss gets the spacious office when it’s the guys in the cubicles that do all the work?

Black Velvet - Offices

Black Velvet - Offices

I’m extra proud of this one, as it was front-paged on Eurobricks!

Lots more images on flickr.  Instructions available through Rebrickable.

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