Blooming Blossoms

The Blooming Blossoms is a 16-stud wide modular building, named after the florist that is located on the ground floor.

There has been an extension on the back to provide a warm, sunny spot for the exotics.

An interior shot of the Blooming Blossoms:

There is a one bedroom apartment on the upper floors, with the kitchen, dining and lounge on the first floor:

The second floor has a small bedroom, reading area and bathroom with old-fashioned chain flush toilet.

More images on flickr! Instructions available through Rebrickable.

6 thoughts on “Blooming Blossoms

  1. I really like the back extension. LEGO Modular Buildings are really stepping up their game, although they are still lacking details like the back extension and the back garden deck details in the ‘Sand Blue Towhouse.’

  2. This is quite simply one of the best 16×32 plans and builds I have ever done… I loved the Trilogy Bar, but this one is amazing… You’re plans and builds are amazing… Thank you!!!… (I had a great time doing this one, in case you couldn’t tell… 😉 )

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