Team Building

When they announced a strategy day at my work, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to volunteer to organise the team building exercise using the Winter Skating (40107) sets from the activity box provided by the CEE team.

I gave each of my colleagues a copy of the set and asked them to organise themselves into small teams, build something not using the instructions and be prepared to describe how the build represents team work and collaboration.  Here’s some* of the builds:

There were no modular buildings, but I was nevertheless impressed with the quality of the builds from my colleagues, which includes economists, engineers, lawyers and project finance specialists.  I think there may be a couple of closet AFOLs!

If you look closely, you’ll see that one of my colleagues choose to be a team of one.   Might need to explain the concept of a team to her again!  Everyone had a great time though and I had some great feedback afterwards, including “Best team building exercise” and “I’d forgotten how much fun LEGO is”!


*I learned that I’m not very good at taking photos with the iPhone, so apologies to my colleagues for the builds that didn’t make the collage!

Cast Iron Modular

The Cast Iron Modular was one of the eight buildings included in The Promenade, and one of the two whole new ones.  As the name suggests, the Cast Iron Modular was inspired by the cast iron buildings of New York.

Unlike most of my modulars, this one is not furnished.  I am really happy with how it turned out, but I struggled to think of what it should be.  It’s a shop, but I’m not sure what it should sell.  And after building it four times already, I’m ready to move on, so this one will stay unfurnished!

More images here.

Sneak preview

I am currently practising the ancient art of procrastination.  In just over a week I will be making my way to the airport to jump on a plane headed for Chicago for Brickworld 2015.  This means that I really should be packing up my two layouts.  Instead, I am finding any excuse to avoid it.  The reason is simple – once it’s packed, that’s it. No last minute finishing touches.

Here is one of the things I have been doing instead of packing – it’s a micro scale version of one of the layouts for BrickWorld, The Promenade.

The Promenade includes a mix of old, remodelled and new buildings and I can’t wait to show them to you!

The other layout I am involved in the EuroBricks one, which has taken me a little way out of my comfort zone.  No sneak previews of this one, but I am bringing a little starfighter!


I’d like to present my latest modular building, the Trilogy Bar and Nightclub.  It features three floors for three different moods – drinking, dancing or just lounging!

This building holds some sentimental value to me as the bulk of the facade on this building was one of the first builds I ever did.  But it was never shared publicly because I didn’t like the building as a whole (it was originally a 24-stud wide fire station).  I kept coming back to it and decided the only way I was going to like it was if it was an entirely differently-purposed building.  I still want to try my hand at a fire station, but that will have to wait for another day.

See here for more about the Trilogy!

My Dream Home

When Eurobricks announced the “Build your dream home” competition, I knew exactly what I was going to build, as I’ve pretty much had the same vision for my dream home for as long as I can remember.  The only decision was what scale to go with.

My dream home, called “Ocean Vistas”, is a minimalist home, built on the side of a mountain or top of cliff, nestled amongst the trees, with endless ocean views from anywhere within the house thanks to the floor to ceiling windows, and an infinity pool surrounded by a large deck.

06-OceanVistasYou can download the PDF instructions here. Alternatively, the *.ldr file is available through BrickSafe.


Parisian Perfection

MyParisian02After what seemed like an eternity after the rest of the world had gotten theirs, my Shop@Home order with the Parisian Restaurant (10243) finally arrived in my little outpost in Brisbane, Australia, last night.

What can I say that the title of this post already doesn’t?  It is simply gorgeous.

I love the colour, the kitchen, the window trims on the ground floor and the first floor, the dark blue roof, the white decorations on the roof, the hideaway bed, the outdoor seating area, the entrance, the scooter, the new bowl part in dark red, olive green bricks, the curtains, etc, etc.

With so many details and interesting techniques, the Parisian Restaurant was also a great modular to build. 

I only have one gripe and that is that my shells didn’t want to stay closed.  The picture above is taken on a time delay with me holding the shells closed until just before the shot was taken.

PS. My image shows a few more minifigures than actually come with the set.  My daughter insisted that all the girls should have dinner at the Parisian Restaurant.  The photo doesn’t include the ones that were lining up outside for their turn!

PSS.  My original title for this post was going to be just “Perfection”, but in French.  However, according to Google Translate, the translation for “perfection” is “perfection”??

Modulars by Kristel

Welcome to my blog!

As the name suggests, this blog is meant to be all about modular buildings made with LEGO bricks. I hope to use this little corner of the web to share with you my views on the official LEGO modulars, and showcase MOCs and MODs.

Unfortunately, I came out of my dark ages in 2011 and so missed out on the Cafe Corner, Green Grocer and Market Street.  However, it was stumbling across pictures of these models and the amazing MOC modular buildings online that pulled me willingly out of my dark age.

However, there’s so much more to LEGO than just modular buildings, so don’t be surprised if you see me posting about other things as well!  I am a big fan of the LEGO Friends theme, so they’ll definitely pop in here at some stage.  I also find it hard to resist a good starfighter, LEGO City vehicles and LEGO Creator houses.

The Modular MOCs page showcases modular buildings that I’ve made, including:

The Instructions page lists the MOC modular buildings that I’ve made detailed instructions for and which are available to buy through BrickLink and ebay.

There’s a Downloads page where I’ll be posting instructions that are free to download.  You can find the instructions for my Modified Haunted House there already, but stay tuned as there are other builds that I am planning to upload here.

Finally, there’s an About Me page which, well, tells you a little more about myself.

Hope you enjoy the blog!  Comments and suggestions welcome!