Naomi’s Place

I did a review of Heartlake Cupcake Cafe (41119) for Friends Bricks back in April 2016. At that time, I had a fairly clear vision of what the modular version would look like. It’s only taken 10 months to finally get around to turning the vision into an actual building!

I’ve called this one Naomi’s Place, since Naomi runs the cafe.

I loved the entrance for the Heartlake Cupcake Cafe, especially the stained glass window above the front door and the windows framed using the ornamental arches.  This section of the building was 16 studs wide and was therefore a natural starting point for the conversion to a modular building.  There was the matter of the gaps on the sides of the arches, but I filled those using a technique similar to that used by LEGO in the Winter Village Toy Shop (10199).

I also loved the outdoor seating area and was able to incorporate a similar structure in the rooftop terrace.  My daughter also decided that this was the perfect place for the rotating cake display.  So, while it lost the round windows, it didn’t lose the whole display!

The ground floor and rooftop are furnished with the fittings from the official model.  The first floor remain empty, but this could readily be converted to more seating (maybe move the couch there?) or the bakery / kitchen for the cafe.

You can find more images of Naomi’s Place on flickr and you can download the instructions for the structure here.


Doughy Goodness

Suzi More’s Dunkin Donuts, with its custom stickers and bright colours, looks like the real thing and good enough to eat.  OK, maybe not the whole building, but the donuts definitely are.

The ground floor is furnished and includes the ultimate selection of donuts, displayed on a clever shelving system:

Who would have thought that orange, pink and tan could ever look so good?

Head over to the Flickr album for lots more images of the Dunkin Donuts.  Thanks for the inspiration, Suzi!

Modular Conversion Review: 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel

Your first thought may be, why a modular conversion, as this building is most of the way there already, right?  Ditch the elevator and make the floors a bit wider and there you have it.  That would be too simple.

And it was.  Read why here

Modular Conversion Review: 41093 Heartlake Hair Salon

When I see a new set, the first couple of things that I ask myself is how I could convert it to a modular building and whether it would make a good parts pack for an MOC modular building.  To help answer these questions, I’m going to start a new type of review, which I’m calling the modular conversion review.

First cab off the rank is the Heartlake Hair Salon (41093), which was released in January this year.

Read the full modular conversion review!

Advent calendar time!

As some of you might know, my other LEGO passion is the Friends theme and I am also involved in the Friends Bricks community.  Being 1 December means it is Day 1 for the advent calendars!

TLG has kindly provided Friends Bricks with a copy of the 41040 Friends Advent Calendar for review.  If you want to follow the daily reveal and review, head over the Friends Bricks flickr group, our Facebook page or the forum.

Inspiration – Andreas Grogel (cimddwc)

Beautiful facades matched with stunning interiors pretty much sums up what cimddwc’s modular buildings are all about.  There is lot’s of inspiration to be found here, but let’s just have a look at a few of my favourites.

The first is one of my all-time favourite buildings, the Round Pharmacy and Doctor’s.  The diagonal floor in the ground floor pharmacy was the inspiration for the floor in my Sugar & Spice building.


I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve studied this particular scene, the Pet Shop Street:


One of the earlier buildings that caught my eye was the Emerald House, a striking building using a combination of texture and colour highlights.  My favourite detail on the outside of this building is the dark green trim around the windows.


The interior of this building boasts a jeweller’s on the ground floor, a maxi-doll design studio on the first floor and a fully furnished apartment!   The maxi-doll design studio is my favourite floor – not only because it makes great use of one of the Friends’ sets, but also for the very clever sewing machine.

For more inspirational goodness, head over to cimddwc’s flickr page!

Emma’s Place

Emma’s Place, which is the second of the buildings for my daughter’s Friends layout, houses the Butterfly Beauty Shop, Emma’s Fashion Design Studio and Karate Class. It’s a modular building to make it easy to separate the rooms for playing.

Emma's Place

More images on can be found on flickr.

See the downloads page for the PDF Instructions for Emma’s Place (structure only).


I’ve been making some buildings for my daughter’s Friends’ layout in an attempt to keep the layout from taking over the dining room table.  The first of these buildings is a set of stables with an upstairs apartment, which combines the design elements of Olivia’s house and the colour scheme of the Friends stables and summer riding camp:

Stables - Front

See the downloads page for the PDF instructions for these stables (structure only).