Modular Building Standards

Is there a standard for modular buildings?  Where to place the 1×2 technic bricks?  How far back should the wall start?   How much room should I leave at the back?  How high should each floor be?

Fortunately you don’t have to go far for answers. Aliencat wrote an great article some time ago setting out the basic standards for modular buildings, which has been reproduced in English on Eurobricks.  This is one is particularly good as it includes images to show exactly where those technic bricks should go!

TLG used to have a page on modular standards, which can still be accessed via this archive.  There’s also a page on BrickWiki on modular building standards.*

The key points to remember are:

  • The technic bricks are placed 9 studs from the edge of the baseplate, so that there are 10 studs between the technic bricks on the sides of the building
  • Start the building 7 – 9 studs from the front of the baseplate
  • Each floor is around 9 rows tall, plus or minus a couple of rows
  • Each floor (other than the ground floor) is its own, removable module
  • There is a row of Light Bluish Grey tiles at the front edge of the baseplate to start the sidewalk

The Parisian Restaurant (10243) seems to have bucked the standard in some respects with the window on the right side of the building being only 6 studs away from the end of the baseplate.  This means that the window faces a solid brick wall if the Grand Emporium (10211) or Town Hall (10224) is placed to the right of the Parisian Restaurant.  No biggie though, unless you’re layout has this combination and you’re displaying the back of the buildings!

* The BrickWiki page suggests having the floors as modules is optional, which I really don’t agree with.

Tutorials page

One of the most common questions I’m asked is how to upload an XML parts list into a BrickLink wanted list.  I’ve added a page for tutorials, which has a step-by-step tutorial on uploading parts lists to BrickLink, as well as links to some other tutorials that you may find useful.