Complete the Room

Note: The contest has now closed and the winners announced!

While the Pet Shop (10218) is one of my favourite modular buildings, one thing that has always bugged me is the empty rooms in the reddish brown townhouse.  So, my challenge to you is to “Complete the Room”, specifically the middle floor:


And, thanks to the support provided by LEGO’s Community and Events Engagement Team, there are a couple of cool prizes to be won!

First Prize: Toy & Grocery Shop (31036)ToyGroceryShop-31036




Second Prize: Beach Hut (31035)





What you need to do:

To enter, you need to complete the middle floor of the reddish brown townhouse in the Pet Shop (10218) by building an interior for it.  What do you think the middle floor would look like if it were fully furnished?

The instructions for the Pet Shop (10218) are available from LEGO here (just enter the set number – 10218 – in the search box).  Just to confirm, the middle floor of the townhouse starts on page 43 of Book 1 of the instructions.

Submit your entry by uploading up to three images of your build to the MBK – Contests group on Flickr, by midnight 31 March 2015 in my time zone, which is Australian Eastern Standard Time (i.e. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia).

Rules for your entry:

  • Use only real LEGO bricks and parts.  If it wasn’t made by the LEGO, don’t use it
  • Feel free to cut LEGO stickers or hoses to suit your requirements, but please don’t hurt any bricks or other parts in making your entry (i.e. no sculpting of bricks)
  • No custom stickers or parts
  • No LDD or other digital entries
  • No composite images
  • Plain backgrounds only
  • No photoshopping, other than minor colour and brightness corrections
  • The structure (i.e. walls, windows and stairwells) of your entry must match that of the  middle floor of the reddish brown townhouse (i.e. the one pictured above).  From the outside, there should not be any differences between your module and that of the official set
  • Feel free to leave off one wall to be able to better photograph and showcase your entry, as long as it still fits within the original structure of the reddish brown townhouse (i.e. don’t place a piece of furniture where there would be wall or a stairwell in the official model)

Other rules:

  • You need to be aged 18 years or over to enter
  • One entry per person
  • Entries must be new builds that have not been published or shown previously
  • There will be three judges (Kristel (that’s me), RedCoKid and LegoMyMamma).  The judges’ decision will be final.
  • Entries will be judged on building technique, overall look and how well it fits in with the original model.
  • The winning entries will be required to supply their name, street address and phone number in order to receive their respective prizes.  If this information cannot be supplied, the prize will be forfeited

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Complete the Room

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    • You’re welcome to include minifigures if you want. While building technique is one of the criteria we will be judging on, the other two are overall look and how well it fits in with the original model.

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  3. Are we allowed to change any of the wall bricks to include snot? The exterior would remain structurally identical. Or does all the furnishing have to be free standing?

    • I purposely didn’t require the structure to be an exact replica of the original to allow for some changes and also that some people won’t have the set. However, one of the judging criteria is how well it fits with the original model. I suggest keeping that in mind when deciding how much to change. For example, a reddish brown wall, but with different size bricks vs a wall that is now an entirely different colour, will score very differently on that criterion.

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    • That’s OK. Just make it clear in the Flickr description field who is submitting the entry. Also, the contest group only allow for 3 images to be added per day per member, so you will need to submit on separate days.

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  9. Hi!!!!
    First, we do love your moc/mods!!!! (Especially the butterfly camper, says my little princess).
    I am starting now my first modular moc and would like to know if we can try to furnish the pet/apartment first floor (have to start to build the set which sleep under the bed)
    Thank you again for your inspiring posts and awesome works

    • Thanks Stefano! The butterfly camper is one of my favourite too, and is one that I haven’t ever broken up!
      The pet shop part of this set is already furnished, although I think you could probably improve on what is there.

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