Coveted Clutch

Coveted CLutchThe Coveted Clutch is a handbag shop based on the vignette that I use for my avatar here, as well as on Eurobricks and Flickr.

The shop is on the ground floor and there is an apartment upstairs where the store owner and designer of the handbags lives.

The part from my avatar is the left side of the storefront, changed a little to make it wider and taller.

I think of it as Soho meets Friends, with very bright interior inspired by the LEGO Friends theme.

This is my favourite part of the building – the first floor windows:

Coveted Clutch - First Floor Windows

The store on the ground floor with a variety of handbags to choose from.  There’s a storeroom hiding under the stairs.

Coveted Clutch - Ground Floor

The stairs lead to the first floor which has the combined lounge and kitchen:

Coveted Clutch - First Floor

There is a bedroom, study nook and bathroom on the second floor:

Coveted Clutch - Second Floor

You can find more images of this MOC on flickr. Instructions available through Rebrickable.

14 thoughts on “Coveted Clutch

  1. HI Kristel, Great site and I love your work! I already purchased your Psychiatrist’s Office a while ago and would like to purchase this builing to sit along side it. All your links seem to be down at the moment. How can I go about purchasing? Many thanks, Evan

      • Thank you for your reply. Shame. Not even for old/existing customers? 😉
        May I ask the reason why…. is it the situation with Lepin now outrageously taking the work of guys like yourself without your permission? I have been following the blogs quite closely and it’s quite disgusting what they are doing, especially now that they have started to stealing the work of members of the AFOL community.

  2. Lepin had nothing to do with my decision to stop selling instructions, though I have wondered whether they are using the instructions I made for the Apple Square University. Anyway, the reasons for stopping selling are personal.

  3. Kristel, I am so sorry you have decided to no longer sell your fantastic instructions. I just completed your Lions Heart hotel to go along side your flower shop and physiatrist office. I had a hard time locating you. But for whatever reason you had I hope this finds you well. If you ever decide to start selling again…..

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