Filling in the Block

Note: The contest is now closed and the winners have been announced!

The old heritage-listed Stud & Tile Hotel on the corner of Brick and Clutch Streets went up in flames last month and had to be demolished.  Local Council won’t approve a new building because, in their words, “no building could ever replace the charm of the old Stud & Tile”.   However, they are seeking expressions of interest for conversion of the site into a public space.  The Local Council don’t have anything particular in mind, as long as it is a space that the citizens can enjoy, and any buildings on the site are single storey only and no larger than 16 x 16 studs.


So, my challenge to you is to convert the ugly demolition site to something for the community to enjoy.  And, thanks to the support provided by LEGO’s Community and Events Engagement Team, there are a couple of cool prizes to be won!

First Prize: Changing Seasons (31038)





Second Prize: Treehouse (31010)

What you need to do:

To enter, you need to build a public space that occupies a 32 x 32 stud corner block in a modular city.  What do you think the local Council would like to see in place of the old Stud & Tile Hotel?

Submit your entry by uploading up to three images of your build to the MBK – Contests group on Flickr, by midnight 31 October 2015 in my time zone, which is Australian Eastern Standard Time (i.e. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia).

Rules for your entry:

  • Use only real LEGO bricks and parts.  If it wasn’t made by the LEGO, don’t use it
  • Feel free to cut LEGO stickers or hoses to suit your requirements, but please don’t hurt any bricks or other parts in making your entry (i.e. no sculpting of bricks)
  • No custom stickers or parts
  • No LDD or other digital entries
  • No composite images
  • Plain backgrounds only
  • Minifigures or mini dolls are ok
  • No photoshopping, other than minor colour and brightness corrections
  • Any buildings included in your entry must be no bigger then a single storey and not more than 16 studs long or wide.  For clarity, a building is something with doors and / or windows (e.g. a shed is a building, a statue is  not a building) and a footprint of 16 x 16 studs is ok, but 20 x 12 studs is not
  • Feel free to include a building on either side of the public space to show case how it would look in a city, but those buildings won’t be taken into consideration in the judging

Other rules:

  • You need to be aged 18 years or over to enter
  • One entry per person
  • You don’t have to live in Australia
  • Entries must be new builds that have not been published or shown previously
  • There will be three judges (Kristel (that’s me), RedCoKid and LegoMyMamma).  The judges’ decision will be final
  • Entries will be judged on building technique, overall look and the judges’  view on how much the public may enjoy the space
  • The winning entries will be required to supply their name, street address and phone number in order to receive their respective prizes.  If this information cannot be supplied, the prize will be forfeited

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Filling in the Block

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  2. Simply amazing, and a very smart idea, and a nice story. Some questions:
    1 – the building has to be 16×16 stud, the MOC 32×32 stud. Can we say that the other 16 stud buffer is public use space? Has this space to be filled by streets in order to reconnect with typical modular set? I think there’s a certain degree of freedom, but it’s important to know if the buffer has to be modular, in some way;
    2 – single storey: i understand easily a typical roof of modular buildings, but what about an open roof, such as a terrace? Is it a second floor?

    • 1a – The overall MOC has to be on a 32 x 32 baseplate, using the modular standard so that it can connect to standard modular buildings. It is a corner block, which means the connections will need to be on two adjacent sides, with footpaths on the other two sides. There good guide here to the modular standard:
      1b – You can include a building if you want, but you don’t have to. If you do include a building, it is to be no bigger than 16 x 16 studs.
      1c – The whole MOC should be public use space, including any buildings or structures that you include. The footpaths are considered public space.
      2 – An enclosed space would be considered another floor, but an open roof with a terrace would not.

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