Lion Heart Hotel

The Lion Heart Hotel is a boutique hotel with just three rooms, a single, a double and the penthouse suite.  This MOC features two of my favourite LEGO parts – the lion head and the “brick” brick.

Lion Heart Hotel - Front

The hotel is named after the knight whose statue is found in the lobby.  He was said to have the heart of a lion.

Lion Heart Hotel - Lobby

The single room and double room, both ensuited, are located on the first floor:

Lion Heart Hotel - First Floor

The top floor is the penthouse suite, with dining and lounge rooms:

Lion Heart Hotel - Penthouse Suite

There are more images available on flickr.

I like how this building turned out overall, but the roof line isn’t quite right.  I’d like to rebuild this one in the future with a different roofline (but keeping the lion head, of course). There’s just one problem – it was accidentally dropped before I had a chance to make an electronic copy.  It shattered in so many pieces that I didn’t have the heart to put it back together at the time.

Edit 26 November 2013:  I finally put this building together again and made an electronic copy.  I didn’t end up changing the roof line because I thought it looked OK actually.  I did change the design of the elevator.  It works a lot better than the original model, although it failed to pass the “6 y.o. pulling it up and down 500 times” test.

Instructions are available through Rebrickable.

2 thoughts on “Lion Heart Hotel

  1. I love this modular. The detail is incredible.

    Will you be able to purchase this design? Because I would love to add it to my cityscape I take to our display.

    • Thanks Kevin. Glad you like it!

      Unfortunately, this MOC was dropped shortly after it was photographed and before I had a chance to make an electronic copy of it. I was devastated at the time and didn’t have the heart to put it back together.

      I would like to rebuild it one day, as I was never 100% happy with the roofline.

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