Sand Blue Townhouse

The Sand Blue Townhouse is a three-level townhouse, with a lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.  The colour combination for this building reminds me of the seaside, so I’ve tried to carry this through to the interior.

I originally started this building at the same time as the Tan Townhouse, when I was trying out different colour combinations and facade variations for the same building.   It only took me a year to finally get around to finishing the interior for it!

There wasn’t enough room on the ground floor to include a dining table, but who would want to eat indoors when you can sit on the deck overlooking the ocean!

Lots more images on my flickr stream.  Instructions available through Rebrickable.

3 thoughts on “Sand Blue Townhouse

  1. Really like your small townhouse designs. Lots of clever detailing. I wonder if you ever struggle with the size limitations imposed by the “modularity,” especially the depth. Whenever I try, my buildings always want to be about twice as deep as they are allowed to be.

  2. Higher floors are cool — they remind me of townhouses in warm climates like New Orleans. But higher floors mean longer staircases, which means even more precious interior space devoted to stairways.

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