Sugar & Spice

The Sugar & Spice is another New York-inspired building, this one named after the cupcake shop on the ground floor.  There’s an apartment on the upper floors, complete with a rooftop garden.

I made a custom sticker for the shop sign, which reflects the colours used in the interior of the cupcake shop.

I’m not the first to do floor tiling at this orientation, but I can’t remember at this stage who gave me the inspiration for this.  I’ll update this page when I come across it!

The apartment is decked out in rainbow colours, starting with the lime green kitchen and medium azure lounge room on the first floor:

The rainbow theme continues on the second floor with the orange bedroom and yellow bathroom.

The colours for this interior were inspired by my 6.y.o. daughter, who is the artist behind the “artwork” hanging above the bed.  She made this some time ago and it has been sitting on my desk since with a promise that I would incorporate it into one of my modular buildings!

The yellow stairs / ladder lead to the rooftop, where the owner of the apartment has created a little inner city oasis.

The Sugar and Spice was started at the same time as the Black Velvet, as I had one idea for the shop windows, but two different visions for where I wanted the building as a whole to go – one being the darker Black Velvet, the other being the more light and airy Sugar & Spice.  You can play spot the difference on the ground floor facade in the image below, which shows the Sugar & Spice between the Black Velvet (left) and the Coveted Clutch (right), which was my first New York-style building.

More images on flickr! Instructions available through Rebrickable.

13 thoughts on “Sugar & Spice

  1. Argh! So cute! I love the interior fit out, your furniture is adorable! I have only just discovered custom modular lego houses, my 6yo son has re-awoken my love of lego 🙂

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  3. Wow I love the interior it reminds me of an actual sweetshops in Deer Park, Ohio, I have two of the modular buildings; however I mainly do trains. I do like looking for ideas for my layout.

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