Architectural Showcase

Snaillad (Andrew Tate) has again shown us his exceptional design skills with the headquarters for the Astrid and Associates Architecture firm. The 1930’s building has been renovated inside and out to showcase the architectural firm’s skills.  Judging by the results, I expect they will have plenty of new clients to keep them busy!


My favourite detail on the outside is the way that the ground floor windows on the left have been framed by the arches, followed by the tall window above the entrance.  The interior features a modern decor, with a funky meeting table and clever storage for all the architectural drawings.

Head over to the Flickr album for more shots of this beautiful building.

Thanks for the inspiration, Snaillad!

Holy Art Deco Theatre, Batman!

My first thought when I saw this in my Flickr feed was “Why is this tagged LEGO?” and then my jaw dropped when I realised it was made from the real thing.  The detailing on Paul’s (BrickBaron’s) art deco Gotham Theatre is just exceptional!


Thanks for the inspiration, Paul!

Grand Prix Auto Services

snaillad (Andrew Tate) has taken us back to the 1930s and 40s with his latest art deco creation, the Grand Prix Auto Services.

Built largely sideways, the Grand Prix Auto Services is packed with details.  My favourite ones are the black and brown trim at the bottom of the building and the bowsers.

Thanks for the inspiration Andrew!

The Ocean Restaurant

The Ocean Restaurant by Snaillad (Andrew) is an art deco masterpiece.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, as my words won’t do it justice.

There are a few more images of this beautiful building on Flickr.  Make sure you check out Snaillad’s other buildings while you’re there for even more inspiration.

De Luca Menswear

snaillad (Andrew) never fails to impress and the latest creation – De Luca’s Menswear – is stunning, of the drooling kind.  I absolutely love the facade on this building, with the use of textures and subtle highlights to create a very grand feeling.  The sign itself is a work of art.


When you’ve stopped drooling over the exterior, prepare to drool a little more over the interior …



Loads more angles on snaillad’s flickr album.

Architectural Brilliance

It’s easy to see why Sebastian Zaberca is one of my favourite modular building builders!  How could the architects who work in this office not be inspired everyday, working within this gorgeous “sort of art deco-ish style” building?


See Sebastian’s flickr stream for more angles of this gorgeous building and to check out his earlier work.

PS.  Just one tiny little thing … I feel a need to put some 1×1 flat tiles on the sideway arches on the middle floor!