Seeing Double

It’s always a treat when Barrie Crossan produces one of his Dutch-style modular buildings, so it’s even more of a treat when there’s two!  The Double Dutch includes a 19-stud wide Florist and 13-stud wide Record Shop, each with a two-bedroom apartment on the upper floors.

Both facades are striking, using bold and contrasting colours.  Dark Orange and White is one of my favourite colour combinations for modular buildings.  (Edit: I may need a new monitor – Barrie tells me its actually Reddish Brown!) I would normally have thought to use Light Bluish Grey for the trim on this colour combination, but I like how the Black trim ties the two buildings together.

The interior is fully furnished, with lots of clever ideas. My favourites are the loft bed and the snowboard couch!

Check out Barrie’s Flickr stream for lots more inspiration!

Modular Book Shop

With its bold black and white facade, Palixa and The Bricks’ latest modular creation, Book Shop, is one of those striking modular buildings that immediate captures your attention.  And then you take a look inside and there are even more beautiful details to drool over.

Purple is my favourite colour, so it’s no surprise that the bedroom is my favourite room in this building.  The use of a tub and studio approach to the bathroom is a clever use of the small space. I also love how Palixa has incorporated the storage into the back wall.

Head over to to the Flickr album to see all the gorgeous details!

Chop Chop

Elizabeth Nevermind mixes up the modern with the historic in her latest modular building, the Chop, with a modern Asian cuisine downstairs and an apartment behind the early 20th century upper facade.

The upper part of the facade is largely monotone, but there is plenty of detail to catch the eye.  My favourite are the effect created by the use of the 1x1x round plates at the top and how the right side is framed at the top (knives) and bottom (scrolls).

There are a couple of other clever touches in this design, such as the  seaweed around the fish on the right, which gives the impression that it is swimming amongst the seaweed, and the curved step leading to the front door.

My favourite detail on the inside is the decorations on the wall, which mirror the hexagonal design of the ground floor window.  Elizabeth has also managed to pack in quite a few tables in the small space!

More images of the Chop here!

Bankable Playability

With its beautiful facade, the Bricklays Bank by Ryan Taggart has plenty of bankability.  It is also packed with playability, with the building as a whole opening up on hinges, in addition to the traditional modular floors.

The facade has lots of features to draw the eye.  My favourites are the black lines beside the upper windows, which seem to come out of the floor below, tying the whole building together.  I also like how this seamlessness is carried through the black line detailing above the centre window.

The Bricklays Bank is fully furnished, with a large vault and beautiful library.  Check it out further here!

Architectural Brilliance

It’s easy to see why Sebastian Zaberca is one of my favourite modular building builders!  How could the architects who work in this office not be inspired everyday, working within this gorgeous “sort of art deco-ish style” building?


See Sebastian’s flickr stream for more angles of this gorgeous building and to check out his earlier work.

PS.  Just one tiny little thing … I feel a need to put some 1×1 flat tiles on the sideway arches on the middle floor!

Lucky Thirteenth

Jason Skaare proves that 13 isn’t necessarily an unlucky number with his thirteenth modular building.  The gorgeous four-story, fully furnished building houses a coffee shop and three apartments.


I love this facade, especially the trim tans on the lower part of the store windows and also how the line of the windows draws you eye to the features on the top floor.  I would never occur to me to use those 1×1 plates with the tooth sticking out, but it works really well here.


I couldn’t decide which of the apartments was my favourite, so I’ve decided to feature a shot of the coffee shop instead.  I’ll let you head over to the flickr set to see which apartment is your favourite.

Fashionably Modular

With Zaberca’s latest stunning modular building, it’s hard to decide what’s more fashionable … the building facade or the fashions?   I’m going to say the facade!


My favourite details are the striped trim on the lower ground and the double height walls for the main floor.

Head over to the flickr set for a closer look!

Split Personality

Another entry to the MOC Modular Madness competition that caught my eye was let’s office building.  I love the intricate detailing created with the use of bars, hoses and skeleton arms.


This building also appealed to me because the rear of the building reminds me of a barn, giving the overall building a bit of a split personality.


Head over to the lowlug forum to see more images of this beautiful fully furnished office building.