New Century Corner

Eero Okkonen (Pate-keetongu) takes us back to the turn of the last century with the New Century Corner, featuring five buildings inspired by early 1900s architecture.

The detailing on these buildings awesome!  My favourite building is the corner building, the House of Secret Society of Aviation.  I love the glass dome roof and detailing on the tall arched windows.  Just perfect!

Head over to Flickr or Eurobricks for more images of the New Century Corner.

Rua Amarelo

While inspired by a recent visit to Portugal, the gorgeous Rua Amarillo carries snaillad’s (Andrew Tate’s) distinctive styling and is instantly recognisable as being one of his beautiful creations.

I love the colour and styling of the facade on the building on the left, which houses a pastry shop.  It also has a great design for the shopfront window and the brick built door for the building entrance.

The building on the right houses a hat store and features some very clever white trim on the facade, with some sideways brickwork.  I also like how Andrew has done the shop windows, especially the use of the Pearl Gold bars.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a great number of photos for this stunning duo, but there are a couple of closeups to admire in the Flickr album.


Sea Breezes

With its bright light yellow facade and open spaces, you can almost feel the warm sea breezes coming off the the gorgeous Modular Seaside Hotel created by Azurekingfisher.

I love the way that the main entrance is framed by the frame and the double story arched windows.  The rear of this building is just as gorgeous and could easily be mistaken for the front.

There are no furnishings, but the interior layout (here and here) looks like it allows for a reception, dining room and three guest rooms.

Head over to Azurkingfisher’s Flickr stream for more images of the Modular Seaside Hotel.

Piazza Maria

With the Piazza Maria, Snaillad (Andrew) has created another beautiful scene, bursting with vibrant colours and atmosphere.   Each building is gorgeous in its own right, but placed together with the market activities in the piazza really takes this MOC to the next level.

There are too many great details in the scene to point them all out.  A few of my favourite are the rooftop garden on the left building, the window trims on the middle building, the ground floor facade of the building on the right hand side and how the barriers are done for the outdoor seating area.

Thank you, Andrew, for the inspiration!  More images of this stunning MOC here.

Terrific Trikes

From a beautiful facade to a gorgeous interior, cimddwc’s Chima Trikes Store has it all.

I can’t help but smile at the cheeriness of the bright light yellow.  It works so well as the main colour on the facade, especially the way it contrasts with the black and greys.  A couple of my other favourite features are the trims around the windows and how the ground floor shop windows are framed with the large arches.

There are loads more images of cimddwc’s Chima Trikes Store, including the beautiful interior, to drool over in the Flickr album.

Friendly Modulars

It’s no secret that modular buildings and Friends are my two favourite LEGO themes, so any building that combines the two is sure to catch my eye.  Even more so when it’s done really well, as is the case with these 16-stud wide modulars from DDoshni (hs0104c).

DDoshni’s Friendly modular line up is based on, from left to right, Heartlake High (41005), Summer Riding Camp (3185) and Heartlake Vet (3188).  My favourite of these is the Heartlake Vet, with the Olive Green working surprisingly well with the Medium Azure and Tan.

More angles of these buildings, as well as lots of inspiration from DDoshni’s other 16-stud wide modulars, on Flickr.