Captain’s Daughter

Barrie Crossan’s latest MOC, a corner modular building housing a bar and family apartment, has a striking facade and is packed from top to bottom with beautiful details.

As always, Barrie has also paid attention to the presentation of the building.  My favourite shot is this close up of the ground floor.  It highlights the character of the building and the nice parts usage (NPU), such as the microphones as the top of the bollards.  The “Captain’s Daughter” flag (from the London Escape (4193) set) is perfect for this building.

The bar and apartment are both fully furnished, and definitely deserve a closer look.  My favourite details are the chandelier and the wood panel wall behind the fireplace in the bar, the laundry and the main bed.

Head over to Flickr for lots more images of this beautiful modular building.  Thanks for the inspiration Barrie!

New Century Corner

Eero Okkonen (Pate-keetongu) takes us back to the turn of the last century with the New Century Corner, featuring five buildings inspired by early 1900s architecture.

The detailing on these buildings awesome!  My favourite building is the corner building, the House of Secret Society of Aviation.  I love the glass dome roof and detailing on the tall arched windows.  Just perfect!

Head over to Flickr or Eurobricks for more images of the New Century Corner.

Old China Town

Every once in a while we get a building that words won’t do justice.  It’s not surprising that the latest one, depicting Indonesia’s Old China Town, is by Kosmas Santosa (KosBrick).

Head to Flickr or KosBricks for a closer look at the three modular buildings and the street life that make up Indonesia’s Old China Town.

Thanks for the inspiration Kosmas!

Just a dash of lime

This cottage by Rodiola has more than just a dash of lime, but the lime flavour suits this gorgeous building perfectly.

There are some neat details on the outside, like the trim with the diagonal 1×1 tiles, the brick built door and cute little garden.  However, it is the interior detailing of the lime cottage that steals the show.

I love the curtains and the  bathroom, especially the shower door!  What are your favourite details?

Head over to Flickr or Eurobricks to see more of this gorgeous lime cottage.

Doughy Goodness

Suzi More’s Dunkin Donuts, with its custom stickers and bright colours, looks like the real thing and good enough to eat.  OK, maybe not the whole building, but the donuts definitely are.

The ground floor is furnished and includes the ultimate selection of donuts, displayed on a clever shelving system:

Who would have thought that orange, pink and tan could ever look so good?

Head over to the Flickr album for lots more images of the Dunkin Donuts.  Thanks for the inspiration, Suzi!

Museum of Civilisation

Inspired by her favourite museums, Karen Metz built the gorgeous Museum of Civilisation to showcase her historical collectable minifigures.  It is an impressive building, not only for its size, but also for the detailing inside and out.

My favourite detail on the outside is the top part of the roof, especially the way that the dormers have been done and the owls watching over the entrance.  On the inside, my favourite part is the dinosaur display on the ground floor.  From this angle, it looks like the Pteranodon (?) is flying through the exhibit.

Check out Karen’s Flickr photo stream for loads of closeup of the awesome displays in the Museum of Civilisation.

Modular Book Shop

With its bold black and white facade, Palixa and The Bricks’ latest modular creation, Book Shop, is one of those striking modular buildings that immediate captures your attention.  And then you take a look inside and there are even more beautiful details to drool over.

Purple is my favourite colour, so it’s no surprise that the bedroom is my favourite room in this building.  The use of a tub and studio approach to the bathroom is a clever use of the small space. I also love how Palixa has incorporated the storage into the back wall.

Head over to to the Flickr album to see all the gorgeous details!

A Tale of Two Cities

Francesco Tavella has created his own tale of two cities, with a buslting modular city comprising two distinct architectural styles.  The first part boast late 18th century Georgian architecture:

The second part, which is my favourite, is reminiscent of Dutch canal houses:

Head over to the Flickr album for a closer look and more images of this impressive modular city!