Who doesn’t wish they had a monorail?  Even better if you can combine it with a grand building, as cimddcc has done with his latest creation, the Monorail Passthrough.

The Monorail Passthrough is fully furnished, with a fashion store on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors.

Head to the Flickr album for loads more images of the Monorail Passthrough!

Fishy Masterpiece

cimddwc never fails to impress, as is evident in his latest masterpiece, the FishMaster, a fully furnished modular building housing a fishmonger on the ground floor and an apartment upstairs.

I love the combination of Light Salmon (Scala wall panels) with the light Bluish Grey and White.  A very pretty combination, which, if it weren’t for the fact that the colour names include a fish, would seem at odds with the nature of the business that occupies the ground floor!

The gorgeous front facade for the first and second floor are created using clever SNOT techniques, as well as an interesting combination of pieces.

Head over tho Flickr for more images of this beautiful building!  And check out his other buildings while your there to see why cimddwc is one of my favourite builders!

Maxidolls Store

When I was a little girl I had a doll that was nearly as tall as I was, so the theme of cimddwc’s latest building – the Maxidolls Store – immediately resonated with me.  Doesn’t hurt either that it has a gorgeous facade with plenty of interesting building techniques to draw inspiration from!

My favourite details on the front of the building are the trims between the first and second floor windows on the left of the building (the ones with the 1×1 tiles), the trim on the lower edge of the roof and the top part of the corner of the building.

The Maxidolls Store also has an interesting rear, with a large billboard for the store, balconies for the apartments and planter boxes for the windows.  I think I spot a Minecraft pumpkin and shovel on one of the balconies!

The Maxidoll Store is fully furnished with the store across two floors and two apartments on the upper floors, so make sure you check out the Flickr album to see all the details.  Thanks for the inspiration cimddwc!

Terrific Trikes

From a beautiful facade to a gorgeous interior, cimddwc’s Chima Trikes Store has it all.

I can’t help but smile at the cheeriness of the bright light yellow.  It works so well as the main colour on the facade, especially the way it contrasts with the black and greys.  A couple of my other favourite features are the trims around the windows and how the ground floor shop windows are framed with the large arches.

There are loads more images of cimddwc’s Chima Trikes Store, including the beautiful interior, to drool over in the Flickr album.