Blissfully Blinded

Looking at this building probably won’t leave you blinded, but it will likely leave you blown away.  At least that’s how I felt about the blinds that Zaberca (Sebastian) has incorporated into his latest building, the Upscale Condo.  Not only do the blinds make this building really stand out, the way that the blinds on the ground floor have been left half open adds a further level of realism to this building.

I love the muted tones and sleek lines of this building, as well as the simplicity and elegance of the modern landscaping.

The interior is also packed with details, my favourite being the lounge and the use of two different shades of brown tiles to delineate the bedroom space.  I also like how the brick feature wall in the lounge room adds warmth to the other cool tones of the ground floor.

Head over to Sebastian’s Flickr page for more angles of this gorgeous building.