Modular Conversion Review: Beach Hut (31035)

The Beach Hut (31035) was the smallest of the three buildings (or four, if you count the Detective’s Office) released in the Creator range this year.  At less than 300 parts, you’d be forgiven for assuming that it doesn’t go very far as a modular.


Read the review to see how it stacks up.

Creating Modulars from Creator Models

SalvoBrick set himself the challenge of converting the latest Creator house (31012 – Family House) into a modular building, using only the bricks from the set.  The result?  An awesome little modular that would look fantastic as a row of townhouses in any layout.


I love the first floor windows above the door.  The ‘brick’ brick works really well when used as a feature or a trim rather than a whole wall.

SalvoBrick then took it one step further, using bricks from his own collection to add some more design features.


My favourite part of this version of his modular 31012 is the overhanging balcony and the trim above the door.

Apart from being an awesome alternate build and modification, I also wanted to highlight this building because modularising (not sure if that’s a word) an existing LEGO Creator house it is a great way to practice building modular buildings.  I have done this with most of the previous Creator houses and City buildings, as well as challenging myself to convert the 32-stud wide LEGO modular buildings into 16-wide modular buildings.  This approach is a great way to learn as you can take guidance from the instructions while at the same time needing to find your own design solutions.  I’d recommend it to anyone who’s not sure where to start with their own MOC modular building!

Head over to Eurobricks to see more pictures of SalvoBrick’s modular 31012.