Modular Hat Shop


Eliza (Elizabeth Nevemind) has created another gorgeous, 16-wide modular building – the fully furnished Hat Shop.

The Hat Shop is packed with loads of interesting techniques and details, such as the SNOT work in the first floor window trims and balconies, and the technic connectors in the ground floor window frame.

I love the subtle colour variations in the roof tiles, which add depth and character to the building. A similar effect is created with the headlight bricks below the ground floor window.

Eliza also challenged herself (not sure whether intentionally or not) by limiting the floor plate to 16×16 – it’s no mean feat creating this amount of detail in such a small space!

Head to Flickr for more images of the Hat Shop.

Thanks for the inspiration, Eliza!

Double Delicious

Whether you are after a sweet treat or something more salty, you can’t go past peedeejay’s Bakery and Fishmonger.  Inspired by the Pet Shop, peedeejay has built not just one, but two gorgeous 16-stud wide modulars.  Both buildings are fully furnished with a shop downstairs and one-bedroom apartments upstairs.

My favourite of these is the one on the left, I think partly because the lower level reminds me of my favourite sweets – all sorts – while the upper facade is a great mix of colour and textures.

The rears of the buildings also have plenty of details to catch the eye, such as the cute bay window and the terrace on the upper floor.

Head over to EuroBricks or peedeejay’s gallery for more images of these gorgeous buildings.

Hearthstone Bakery

The fully furnished Hearthstone Bakery by Klikstyle (Jme Wheeler) is bursting at the seams with details, both inside and out.  On the outside, the details that caught my eye were the cheese slope awnings, particularly the shape of the one over the entrance, the textures and colours of the brick work and the simple, but very effective, roof edge.

My favourite room on the inside is the bakery, with a great display cabinet, functional kitchen and bakery items that look good enough to eat.

There’s loads more inspiration in the Flickr album for the Hearthstone Bakery!

Double Trouble

Jason Skaare is building them faster than I can blog them, but this is actually good news because it means that you get a two-for-one!

First up is the Modular Pharmacy with it’s grand colour scheme.  I love the richness of the Dark Tan trims against the Dark Green bricks.

This is only a narrow building, but Jason has managed to squeeze in a fully furnished apartment in addition to the fully stocked pharmacy on the ground floor!

The second building is the Bike Shop, which caught my eye with its striking plate work on the facade and overall colour combination.

This building is also fully furnished, with the bike shop taking up all three floors.  The top floor is “Da Bike Club”, which has the best foosball table in town!

Head over to Jason’s Flickr stream for lots more images of the Modular Pharmacy and Bike Shop.   These are Jason’s 16th and 17th modular buildings, so make sure you check out his other works while you’re there.

London Hotel

oirad72 (Dario Minisini) was lucky enough to stay in a traditional London Hotel recently and has shared this experience with us through this gorgeous model of the hotel and pub.

There is a lot of clever parts use on this building, like the flippers for the roof shingles, the upside down legs for window trims and the 2×8 plates with rail for the window sills.


My favourite details are the mouldings on the wall, particularly what you can see from this view below.


The interior is fully furnished and equally impressive, in terms of both the parts usage and the detailing.  Check out all the exterior and interior views on oirad72’s flickr set.

Inspiration – Redhead1982

One of my earliest inspirations was Redhead1982, namely her gorgeous dark green townhouse, the luxurious modular townhouse and the unique yellow-tan house.

This dark green townhouse, which was partly the inspiration for my own Tan Townhouse, continues to be one of my favourites.


Redhead-DarkGreenTownhouse-DeckIn addition to the great facade, I love the colour combination and the little planter boxes framing the entrance.

There’s some great parts usage here, such as the flower for the table and the 1×4 bricks with the grooves on the facade.

You can almost feel how relaxed the minifigure is sitting on the back deck!

Similarly, the minifigures who call the modular townhouse below their home should consider themselves very lucky indeed, living in such luxury!


Make sure you check out the stunning interior, especially the curtains and the shower, on Redhead’s flickr photo stream.

The yellow-tan house by Redhead also caught my attention because of its unique shape and colour.


Thank you, Redhead, for the inspiration!

Inspiration – Jared Chan

It was both the official TLG modulars and the amazing MOCs by others that pulled me (quite willingly) out of the dark ages and inspired me have a go at creating my own modular buildings.  One of the things I would like to use this blog for is to showcase some of those buildings and builders that have inspired me.  Consider this just the first of a series of such posts, as there has been (and continues to be) many inspirational builds and builders!

First up is Jared Chan, specifically the series of high-end stores he built in 2010.  Below are images of his Hermes Store, Burberry Store and Gucci Store, which are my favourite builds from Jared.  I’ll let the images speak for themselves.







I just love the Burberry pattern of the floor here!




Head over to Jared’s flickr sets for even more inspiration.