Modular Building Guide

RedHead1982 from BrickHamster has completed her awsome 7-part guide to building modular buildings, culminating in three beautiful modular buildings.

Head over to BrickHamster to see the full guide on how these modular buildings were made, covering everything from the placement of the technic bricks to the trims on the roof, as well as the interiors.

Thanks for the inspiration Redhead1982!

Saint Claire Street 5

Lego Ista’s Saint Claire Street has a gorgeous new addition, being the Libreria Antica (the Old Library, according to Google’s translator) on the left.

Lego Ista makes great use here of the new 1×1 brick with scroll in Tan.  The closeup of the Libreria Antica below also highlights the lovely colour combination used in this building.

Head over to Lego Ista’s Flickr stream for more images of the buildings on Saint Claire Street.

Rua Amarelo

While inspired by a recent visit to Portugal, the gorgeous Rua Amarillo carries snaillad’s (Andrew Tate’s) distinctive styling and is instantly recognisable as being one of his beautiful creations.

I love the colour and styling of the facade on the building on the left, which houses a pastry shop.  It also has a great design for the shopfront window and the brick built door for the building entrance.

The building on the right houses a hat store and features some very clever white trim on the facade, with some sideways brickwork.  I also like how Andrew has done the shop windows, especially the use of the Pearl Gold bars.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a great number of photos for this stunning duo, but there are a couple of closeups to admire in the Flickr album.


Cooking up a storm

Elizabeth Nevermind’ Modular Kitchen Store is cooking up a storm, with a fully stocked store downstairs and a room for cooking classes upstairs.  I absolutely adore the facade on this building, which, in my view, uses just the right mix of textures, offsets, SNOT and colour.

I especially like how the use of the three colours adds extra depth to the awning and also how the dark orange frame continues above it.  The cupcake holder is a cute touch, too.

Head over to Flickr to see more of Elizabeth Nevermind’s gorgeous building and also why she is currently one of my favourite builders.

Thanks for the inspiration Elizabeth!

The Berliner

The Berliner by MaBiDaTi LegoWelt makes great use of the new(ish) Dark Red brick profile brick, contrasting them with the Tan window trims.  Similarly, the green (brick built!) door and windows on the ground floor provide their own contrast to the Tan facade.

Also, at four stories high, I imagine the Berliner probably stands quite tall!

The rear of the Berliner has some great details too, including another brick built door, a trellis with flowering vine and in-built air conditioner unit.  There also seems to be a mix of old and new greys, given extra texture to the walls.

There does not appear to be an interior for this building, but you can find more images of the exterior of the Berliner on MaBiDaTi LegoWelt’s Facebook page.

All Aboard!

I love the detailing on the facade of dfalkner’s modular Train Station, especially the main crescent-shaped window, the contrasting colours of the planter box dividing the entrance and the way the corner stone columns frame the building.

There are a lot of different curves in the windows, yet they work harmoniously!  I chose to show this angle of the building as it also shows off the lovely glass roof, which is also curved.

At the rear of the station, passengers who have gone through the turnstiles can have a snack from the small take away while they await their train.

The interior is as beautifully detailed as the exterior.  See all the images here!

Antique Store and Apartment

I could list all the fantastic details and clever parts usage in the fully furnished Antique Store and Studio Apartment by Super*Junk (Melissa), but then I would be here until Christmas.  So, I’m just going to point out a few of my favourite details: the use of the wheels (?) at the corner between the floors, the seat in front of the shop window, the use of the legs for window trims, the SNOT work above the shop windows and how the roof line is done. An interesting aspect of this building is the use of technic beams to reverse the direction of the build, enabling that awesome trim between the two floors.  Very clever! The interior of this building is just as stunning as the outside. Head over to Super*Junk’s blog or Flickr to see more of this gorgeous building.  Make sure you check out her the MOCs and see for yourself why she is quickly climbing up the ranks as a favourite builder.

En Garde

Superfunked has created the perfect Fencing Studio for the Fencers from Series 13 of the Collectible Minifigures.

Lots to like about this building.  My favourite details on the front are the different textures in the facade, the black awning and the coffee cup sign.  Here’s a better view of the coffee cup:

The Fencing Studio is fully furnished, and boasts an apartment, clothing store and office as well as the Fencing Studio.  I particularly like how Superfunked has done faithfully reproduced the coffee shop counter from The LEGO Movie.

I love the open back on this building, which adds immensely to the playability.  It does make it a little harder to photograph front on, but obviously much easier to photograph the interior and definitely worth it if you intend to do more than just display the building.

Head over to the Flickr album for more angles of Superfunked’s Fencing Studio!


Hearthstone Bakery

The fully furnished Hearthstone Bakery by Klikstyle (Jme Wheeler) is bursting at the seams with details, both inside and out.  On the outside, the details that caught my eye were the cheese slope awnings, particularly the shape of the one over the entrance, the textures and colours of the brick work and the simple, but very effective, roof edge.

My favourite room on the inside is the bakery, with a great display cabinet, functional kitchen and bakery items that look good enough to eat.

There’s loads more inspiration in the Flickr album for the Hearthstone Bakery!

Set Review: Detective’s Office (10246)

LEGO only produces one large modular building per year, which means that each release is the subject of much speculation and highly anticipated.  The Detective’s Office (10246), which was designed by Jamie Berard, is no exception, and has been high on my wanted list since the high resolution images were released.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Detective’s Office is all about!  Read more …