Two for one deal

Jason Skaare is continuing in his tradition of building beautiful modular buildings faster than I can blog them, which means that you get another two for one deal!  His Number 20 building is the 32-stud wide Supermarket and Number 21 is Joe’s Plumbing.

Both facades are great, and work well together given the similar trims on the corners.  My favourite details on the Supermarket are the striped awning and the blue and white trim just above that.  The two things that stand out for me on the Joe’s Plumbing building are the window trims and the shop sign.

The Supermarket and Joe’s Plumbing are fitted with lighting, which explains the USBs protruding at the rear of the buildings.

Both are fully furnished, so make sure you head over to Flickr to check out the full suite of images of the Supermarket and Joe’s Plumbing.

Again, thanks for the inspiration Jason!

The perfect vintage

If you’re looking for the perfect vintage, you need not look further than Jason Skaare’s 18th modular building, the Wine Shop.  In addition to the great wines on offer, the building also packs a lot of great details and clever parts use, inside and out.  I particularly like the shop sign incorporating the vines and wine glass, the use of the barrels as planters and the use of the crates to get the panel effect at the bottom go the building.

Here is a close up of my favourite part of the outside of the building – the terrace, complete with deckchairs and a the vine covered trellis.  How relaxed would you be hanging out here?

The clever details continue inside the fully furnished interior, with a unique shelf for the wine bottles and great stereo unit.

Head over to Flickr for more images of Jason’s Wine Shop.

Double Trouble

Jason Skaare is building them faster than I can blog them, but this is actually good news because it means that you get a two-for-one!

First up is the Modular Pharmacy with it’s grand colour scheme.  I love the richness of the Dark Tan trims against the Dark Green bricks.

This is only a narrow building, but Jason has managed to squeeze in a fully furnished apartment in addition to the fully stocked pharmacy on the ground floor!

The second building is the Bike Shop, which caught my eye with its striking plate work on the facade and overall colour combination.

This building is also fully furnished, with the bike shop taking up all three floors.  The top floor is “Da Bike Club”, which has the best foosball table in town!

Head over to Jason’s Flickr stream for lots more images of the Modular Pharmacy and Bike Shop.   These are Jason’s 16th and 17th modular buildings, so make sure you check out his other works while you’re there.