Apartment Living

Cesbrick (César Soares) dedicates this MOC to all those who live in an apartment.  While it has been a while for me since I have lived in an apartment, I don’t remember them ever being quite so spacious, or packed with so many inspirational details!

Which one is your favourite?  For me, it is a toss up between the laundry and the living room.  The living room wins out in the end – I love the glass table, the vertical blinds, the top hat pot and the fez hat for the base of the floor lamp.

Head over to Cesbrick’s Flickr album to check out all the modules!

Breakfast anyone?

LegoJalex has produce another one of those wonder creations that makes you look twice because it doesn’t look like its made from LEGO.  This one is called “Breakfast” and arguably looks good enough to eat.

My favourite details in this MOC are the egg in its egg holder, the paper towel dispenser and the use of the old style window shutters for the cupboard doors.

Thanks LegoJalex for the inspiration!

70s Flashback

With the Kitchen from the 70sLegoJalex has created one of those builds with such amazing details that it makes you look twice to check whether it’s LEGO or the real thing.

A few of those exceptional details that stood out for me were the table cloth pattern, blinds at different heights, offset cupboard doors and the lead for the radio.

Thanks for the inspiration LegoJalex!