Who doesn’t wish they had a monorail?  Even better if you can combine it with a grand building, as cimddcc has done with his latest creation, the Monorail Passthrough.

The Monorail Passthrough is fully furnished, with a fashion store on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors.

Head to the Flickr album for loads more images of the Monorail Passthrough!

Modular Conversion Review: 71016 Kwik-E-mart

The thing that immediately caught my attention when the high resolution images of the KwiK-E-mart (71016) were first released was the amount of interior detailing and the printed parts.  In this respect, it doesn’t disappoint in real life!

But how does it stack up as modular or a parts pack? Read the full review here!

Piazza Maria

With the Piazza Maria, Snaillad (Andrew) has created another beautiful scene, bursting with vibrant colours and atmosphere.   Each building is gorgeous in its own right, but placed together with the market activities in the piazza really takes this MOC to the next level.

There are too many great details in the scene to point them all out.  A few of my favourite are the rooftop garden on the left building, the window trims on the middle building, the ground floor facade of the building on the right hand side and how the barriers are done for the outdoor seating area.

Thank you, Andrew, for the inspiration!  More images of this stunning MOC here.

The Ocean Restaurant

The Ocean Restaurant by Snaillad (Andrew) is an art deco masterpiece.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, as my words won’t do it justice.

There are a few more images of this beautiful building on Flickr.  Make sure you check out Snaillad’s other buildings while you’re there for even more inspiration.

Sonic Boon

After a while away, we get not just one, but three new modular buildings to feast your eyes on from one of my all time favourite builders Sonicstarlight (Jonathon Grzywacz).

The first is Bricklyn Bike, which sells and repairs skateboards, bikes, scooters and motorcycles.  I love the colour scheme and industrial feel of this building, as well as the cute little bike above the front door.

The next two are the Jewelry Store and  Pizzeria, which are immediately recognisable as being inspired by the LEGO Creator set Bike Shop & Cafe (31026).

Both buildings have apartments upstairs.  I’ve taken the liberty of using the image that shows the buildings with the apartments swapped.  I like this more so as the colours feel more harmonious to me in this combination.

There are lots more images of both the exteriors and fully furnished interiors available in the Flickr albums for the BrickLyn Bike and the Jewelry Store and  Pizzeria.

Striking Surf Shop

With its blue and yellow highlights, the Modular Surf Shop by Brickedin (Ben Christie) immediately had me daydreaming about a lazy seaside holiday!   My favourite details on the facade of the Modular Surf Shop are the recessed windows on the upper floors, the winged board, the corner window/balcony on the top floor and the flower detailing.

I also like the clever use of the short bars and barred doors as racks for the surfboards.  This Surf Shop boasts an exceptionally large collection of surfboards!  I didn’t realise that surfboards came in so many colours.

See the Flickr album for more images of Brickedin’s Modular Surf Shop.