Minimalist Townhouse

Sebastian Zaberca’s name keeps popping up in this blog for a very good reason.  Here’s the latest, the Minimalist Townhouse:

The exterior details are by definition minimalist, but there is nothing minimalist about the quality of the exterior details and interior decorating.  My favourite details are the feature walls in the bathroom and bedroom, the cut away balcony and the simplicity of the fireplace.  I also like how the placement of the door and window on the front facade draws the eye up to the balcony.

I missed blogging a few of Sebastian’s buildings over the last couple of months, so make sure you head over to his Flickr stream to see what else he has been building, and let the inspiration flow.


My Dream Home

When Eurobricks announced the “Build your dream home” competition, I knew exactly what I was going to build, as I’ve pretty much had the same vision for my dream home for as long as I can remember.  The only decision was what scale to go with.

My dream home, called “Ocean Vistas”, is a minimalist home, built on the side of a mountain or top of cliff, nestled amongst the trees, with endless ocean views from anywhere within the house thanks to the floor to ceiling windows, and an infinity pool surrounded by a large deck.

06-OceanVistasYou can download the PDF instructions here. Alternatively, the *.ldr file is available through BrickSafe.