Outdoor Store

Tobias T. has managed to pack more into the Outdoor Store than just a beautiful facade.  With four levels, the building boasts three businesses (outdoor store, commercial office, piano school) and a fully furnished apartment.


Tobias even managed to fit in a couple of of BURPs, using them to create a rock wall that customers in the outdoor store can use to test the products.

Head to the Flickr album to see all the details.  Thanks for the inspiration, Tobias!

En Garde

Superfunked has created the perfect Fencing Studio for the Fencers from Series 13 of the Collectible Minifigures.

Lots to like about this building.  My favourite details on the front are the different textures in the facade, the black awning and the coffee cup sign.  Here’s a better view of the coffee cup:

The Fencing Studio is fully furnished, and boasts an apartment, clothing store and office as well as the Fencing Studio.  I particularly like how Superfunked has done faithfully reproduced the coffee shop counter from The LEGO Movie.

I love the open back on this building, which adds immensely to the playability.  It does make it a little harder to photograph front on, but obviously much easier to photograph the interior and definitely worth it if you intend to do more than just display the building.

Head over to the Flickr album for more angles of Superfunked’s Fencing Studio!


Architectural Brilliance

It’s easy to see why Sebastian Zaberca is one of my favourite modular building builders!  How could the architects who work in this office not be inspired everyday, working within this gorgeous “sort of art deco-ish style” building?


See Sebastian’s flickr stream for more angles of this gorgeous building and to check out his earlier work.

PS.  Just one tiny little thing … I feel a need to put some 1×1 flat tiles on the sideway arches on the middle floor!

Split Personality

Another entry to the MOC Modular Madness competition that caught my eye was let’s office building.  I love the intricate detailing created with the use of bars, hoses and skeleton arms.


This building also appealed to me because the rear of the building reminds me of a barn, giving the overall building a bit of a split personality.


Head over to the lowlug forum to see more images of this beautiful fully furnished office building.