Two for one deal

Jason Skaare is continuing in his tradition of building beautiful modular buildings faster than I can blog them, which means that you get another two for one deal!  His Number 20 building is the 32-stud wide Supermarket and Number 21 is Joe’s Plumbing.

Both facades are great, and work well together given the similar trims on the corners.  My favourite details on the Supermarket are the striped awning and the blue and white trim just above that.  The two things that stand out for me on the Joe’s Plumbing building are the window trims and the shop sign.

The Supermarket and Joe’s Plumbing are fitted with lighting, which explains the USBs protruding at the rear of the buildings.

Both are fully furnished, so make sure you head over to Flickr to check out the full suite of images of the Supermarket and Joe’s Plumbing.

Again, thanks for the inspiration Jason!