Filling in the Block – Contest Winners

I am pleased to announce that the judging for the Filling in the Block has been completed and the winners chosen!

First place goes to “Playground” by Kosmas Santosa, which is visually stunning and packed with great parts usage:

And also to “Giant Chess Park” by Barrie Cross, for a very clever idea that is beautifully executed:

Yep, there was a tie in the votes from the three judges.  I couldn’t choose between the two of them, so I’ve decided they should both get a first place prize!

Second (or is it technically third?) place goes to “Phoenix Park Amphitheater” by Jme Wheeler:

I see this one as a real chill out zone and could easily see myself hiding out here during my lunch breaks!

Congratulations Kosmas, Barrie and Jme!  Please send me your full name, address and contact phone number via the contact form (on the “About Me” page) so that I can arrange for the prizes to be sent to you.

Thank you to everyone that entered.  There were lots of great entries and I would like to give honourable mentions to the following:

Thanks, too, to RedCokid and LegoMyMamma for their help with the judging, and to the LEGO Group for providing the great prizes!

Contest: Filling in the Block


The old heritage-listed Stud & Tile Hotel on the corner of Brick and Clutch Streets went up in flames and had to be demolished.  Local Council won’t approve a new building because, in their words, “no building could ever replace the charm of the old Stud & Tile”, but they are seeking expressions of interest for conversion of the site into a public space.

So, my challenge to you is to convert the ugly demolition site to something for the community to enjoy.  And, thanks to the support provided by LEGO’s Community and Events Engagement Team, there are a couple of cool prizes to be won!

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