Feral flora

Sebastian Zaberca shows us what happens when plants go bad, with the Botanical Institute being overtaken by carnivorous vines.


Fortunately, the plants haven’t yet destroyed the property, so we still get to admire the beautiful building that houses the institute.

Thanks, as always, for the inspiration, Sebastian!

Used Book Store

Sebastian Zaberca’s latest modular building, the Used Book Store, is literally overflowing with books and generally packed to the rafters with details.

My favourite details on the Used Book Store are the way every available space has been packed full of books, the use of the Dark Green flags on the front, the textures and colours of the rear wall and the downpipes.

Head over to Flickr for more images of the gorgeous Used Book Store.

Inspiration – Sebastian Zaberca

It’s no secret that Sebastian Zaberca is one of my favourite builders, and the reason why is readily seen in his latest two buildings.  The first – Television Reception – is a take on the modern apartment block with the veritable sea of antennas on the roof, while the second – The Baker’s House – stems from a different era.

The things that caught my eye initially on The Baker’s House were the beautiful cladding and the roof.  But there are so many more exceptional details when you take a closer look, such as the way the chimney has been done, the outhouse and the four poster bed.

One of Sebastian’s first buildings to catch my eye was this modern house.  I love the staircase in this building and the variety of textures in the facade.

From modern to modern and everything in between, Sebastian provides a fountain of inspiration for modular building MOC’ers.  Head over to Flickr to see for yourself.